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Air Forklift Tires 7.00-15
Air Forklift Tires 8.15-15(28x9-15)
Air Forklift Tires 27x10-12
Air Forklift Tires 18x7-8
Air Forklift Tires 23x9-10
Air Forklift Tires 5.00-8

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THE MOST ADVANTAGE SOLUTION IN YOUR ALL TYPES OF VEHICLES AND FORKLIFT RUBBIES Nubes Otomotiv operates as a main dealership and import and export company with all kinds of vehicles based in Istanbul and at the same time with brands that appeal to forklifts. We aim with PIRELLI brand to sale and give service to automobiles and commercial vehicles on the other hand we target to provide operators with forklift tires with NUBES, EMTRAC and RAYBAR brands of which we are distributors in the Turkish market and CONTINENTAL brand of which we are the dealer. Our CONTINENTAL brand, which is produced at the highest standards as a forklift tire, offers the best performance in all usage possibilities with both pneumatic and solid tires. Our NUBES and EMTRAC brands from Sri Lanka, are produced available in both black and white alternatives with high quality rubber for every purpose and with the highest technology. Our RAYBAR brand is of Indian origin and the air set (tire + inner tube + column) is the most economical option for operators using high quality rubber with bias forklift tires. All of our tires are delivered with our contracted cargo companies.



“Akçaburgaz Mah., 3002. Sok., No: 45, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Türkiye”

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